You can never have too much information.  If you need more or just some clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I do my best to respond in a very timely manner.





What Is So Great About Organic Cotton?  Why Should I Care About Using Organic Cotton?

-Organic farming builds better soil, the foundation of our food chain.

Conventional cotton uses 10% of all agricultural chemicals and 25% of the world’s insecticides.  In the U.S., one-third of a pound of chemicals is needed to grow enough conventional cotton for a T-shirt. Hmm....Those pesticides can't be cheap...Why is organic cotton more expensive than conventional cotton?  A better question to ask is why conventional cotton is so cheap- check out a series by Jan from Daisy Janie created HERE.

-Organic farming respects the balance of a healthy ecosystem.

All of the organic cotton fabrics I carry are certified organic.  Many are GOTS certified. GOTS (global organic textile standard) sets a standard for the entire textile supply chain from environmental criteria and management, storage and inspections, to social standards.   

-Organic farming reduces toxic substances in our water, air and bodies.  Residuals from processing conventional cotton can be irritating for some. Organic cotton is a wonderful choice for everybody, especially babies, children and people with sensitivities.  

-Don't stop with fabric. Organic foods, fruits and vegetables, local farmers' markets, locally raised eggs and meats.  All of these contribute to a better environment for all of us.  Go find them. 

How Do I Care For Organic Fabric?


You would care for your organic fabric the same you would any other cotton.  Most manufacturers suggest you machine wash cold and tumble dry low.  Warm iron if needed.

Are The Fabrics You Carry Woven Or Knit?
I carry both.  Knits, Canvas and Flannels will be labeled as such.  The weights of the fabrics are all similar (with the exception of the knit, flannel and canvas ) and vary between 3.5-4.5 oz.  Very similar in weight to any conventional cottons you may find at a large fabric store chain.  The base cloths of different collections/manufacturers do vary.  These differences are highlighted in each listing.  If you need any more specific information, please contact me.  Use the contact form under the contact tab.
What Quantities Can I Buy?


You can buy fabric in many lengths.  Click on the print you are interested in and use the drop-down menu to add quantities one at a time to your basket.  If you do not see the quantity you are looking for, please contact me and I will help.  Want to know what a fat quarter, a half yard is?  Click HERE for an illustration.  The "skinny quarter" in the illustration is a quarter yard on my site.  If you purchase more than one yard of a print, it will be cut in a continuous piece unless you tell me otherwise.  Fabric width is noted in each listing.  Here are some conversions that may be helpful-

1 yd-36"     3/4 yd-27"     2/3 yd-24"     5/8 yd-22.5"     1/2 yd-18"

1/3 yd-12"     1/4 yd-9"     1/8 yd-4.5"     fat quarter-18"x22" approx.

I am always available to discuss any other unusual lengths you may need.  Just ask!     

I do offer bulk discounts.  This discount will be refunded manually by me after purchase.  Please see the home page for details.




What Are The Shipping Charges?


My shipping rates are reasonable.  Please click on the shipping tab to be directed to the shipping page. There may be extra charges for bulkier fabrics like Knit, Canvas and Flannel.  Every year, the USPS raises rates.  Most dramatic over the years have been the increases in International shipments. These new changes are reflected in my updated shipping page.  I struggled with the idea of changing my shipping structure. It may sound dramatic but these changes were necessary for me to stay in business! I appreciate your business and hope my fantastic selection, customer service and personal attention keep my existing customers and new customers alike.   




Do You Ship Internationally?


Yes, I do.   Rates are provided on the shipping page. Please contact me if your order is over $100 and I will provide an accurate quote.  Just as an example- I can fit around 10 yds into a flat rate Priority International envelope for $22/$30.  This does not include an order with knit, canvas or flannel (these are bulkier).  Please be aware, the international recipient is responsible for any duties/customs charges assessed by the destination country.  I do not mark parcels as gifts but do my best to minimize any duties/customs charges.  

International Orders can take longer than you may expect.  Many arrive within 10-15 business days.  Others can take longer to arrive.  With the exception of some USPS services, there is NO TRACKING available from the USPS on international orders.  Be aware I will not be able to offer any information on your parcel beyond your customs order form # once it leaves the United States.  I send thousands of packages every year and rarely have a problem.  There is that rare case where a package is very delayed in arriving for no apparent reason.  I always do my best to help provide information.  

I cannot be responsible for parcels once they leave the USA.

Insurance may be available on some international parcels...If you would like to add insurance to your order, please contact me. Thanks!   




Do You Have A Return Policy?


In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me.  In general, I will accept returns if I made a mistake or if you made a mistake. If you made a mistake- shipping fabric back to me for a refund or exchange will be your responsibility.

I will not accept returns if you have washed or altered the fabric.

Each situation will be handled individually.  I truly believe in the product I am selling and I also believe anything can be resolved with communication.  




Do You Have A Store I Can Visit?


Not yet.  It is a thought I have tossed around but have not been ready to jump into the retail store arena just yet.  I house my fabric collection at home (in our cedar sided house!) in my fabric studio.  We call it the fabric room.  I work on my own.  I cut your fabric, I fold it nicely and I send it.  I would love to have my own fabric store.  I have it imagined in my mind.  It would look very clean and modern.  I would have an area with comfy chairs, books and a few toys for the children that might come along for the trip...Maybe someday.



Still Need Answers?


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